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Meet Your Local Team

This area of the site will introduce you to everyone in our team and explain what each of us does.

For some staff a contact form will be displayed, allowing you to contact that person direct through the website with a question if you would like to.

Administration & Support Services

Deborah Colmer, Helen Baker and Trudi Ashmore- Administrative Support Team
We provide lots of admin support including publishing the ‘What's On ‘ every 2 months, collecting all the family registration forms for the e-start data base, paying the bills, booking rooms for courses and activities and generally all those ‘behind the scenes arrangements' on all sites and for staff involved in the Leys Children's Centre programmes and activities. Phone Deb,Helen or Trudi on 01865 773263

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- Head Of The Leys Children's Centre
Oversees the Leys Children's Centre and has responsibility for the budget, the development plan and the services. Their aim is to make sure that the team of talented and creative staff are well supported and that everyone is working in partnership with parents and with other staff (for example Health colleagues). Can be contacted  on 01865 773263
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Joumana Hamad, Katya Rahneva, Claire Johnson and Daphne Dearlove- Stay And Play/Creche Staff
We are the core team providing the stay and play  and creche sessions. This involves spending quality time with children and families planning creative and interesting activities as well as setting up and packing away.

A healthy lunch is provided for our main stay and play sessions on Tuesdays and Fridays for a small donation.

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Paula Mitty- Senior Children's Centre Worker
I am the "2 year old lead" supporting families to find out information regarding the 15 hours free childcare entitlement. I can help with the application, support finding availability with settings and help understand the benefits of children being part of this scheme.
The best time and place to find me would be at our "Time for Toddlers" in Windale on a Thursday (term time only)     9.30 am -11.00 am.
My hours of work are Mon and Tuesday 8.30 am - 3.00 pm.
Wednesday and Thursday 9.00 am - 3.00 pm (Including through school holidays)

Any questions you can contact me at The Leys Children`s Centre at Cuddesdon Corner on 01865 773263 or 07780490782

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Catherine Westbury-Cook and Irene Yarwood- Children’s Centre Teachers

We oversee the quality of care and learning across the children's centre sites. We run training and workshops for our staff team and facilitate network meetings for early year's settings on the Leys.
You may also find us in Stay and Play, creche, parenting groups, PEEP for two's and Time for Toddlers.
You can come and talk to us about all aspects of your child's development, childcare and transition into school, pre-school or nursery.

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Glen Scrivener- Children's Centre Worker
I will be co-running the dad's group sessions with Carla Preen.
My role will be engaging with dads who want to have fun and spend quality time with their child. Informal advice and information support is always available.

For more information contact Glen on 01865 773263

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Carla Preen- Extended Services Co-ordinator
I work 4 days a week, Monday to Thursday.                   
Part of my role is to organise courses, groups and one off workshops.
I oversee and lead on our father's inclusion work here at the centre and am also a DA champion and co-facilitate the Day Programme (Domestic Abuse Youth) and Freedom Programme.

I am open to ideas and suggestions from parents and aim to tailor the programme to meet the needs and interests of the parents who use our Centre. This includes helping parents to develop skills that will support them in returning to work, and making decisions about training or future employment.

Phone me on 01865 779615 
                   or  07919298271

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Mikko Enticknap- Extended Services Co-ordinator (Cuddesdon Corner)
My role is to deputise for the Head of Centre and I am based at Cuddesdon Corner. I am responsible for health and safety, Stay and Play and safeguarding (child protection) within the centre. I also run a PEEP group and The Childrens Group for our Webster Stratton Parenting Programme. Please contact me if you have any queries about the Childrens Centre programme at Cuddesdon Corner.
You can contact me on 773263 or 07786277465

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Ruth Donaldson- Extended Services Co-ordinator - Special Educational Needs/Domestic Abuse Champion/Outreach Lead (Orchard Meadow)
I am the Leys Children's Centre SENCO. I can visit families with disabled children at home and I run groups for disabled children and families and  I run the Summer inclusive playscheme. I support staff to ensure disabled children access our services. I am also the DA champion - I run Freedom programmes, Recovery Toolkits and I offer support/advice for staff and to individual women experiencing or concerned about DA.
I am also the Outreach lead.
Phone me on 779615 or 07827822623

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Carole Roberts, Linda Picton and Paula Gallagher- Health Partners
The Health Visitors from the Leys Health Centre work in partnership with the Leys Children's Centre. Health Visitors provide health promotion, advice and support to promote health and wellbeing for babies, children and their families as well as working with the midwives to provide support during pregnancy.

The Team:

Carole Roberts - Health Visitor
Jenny Hogan - Health Visitor
Sue Gill - Health Visitor
Lynn Gail - Health Visitor
Lucy Walker - Health Visitor
Linda Picton - Nursery Nurse
Allie McArdle - Health Care Support Worker
Rebecca Hales - Breastfeeding Support Worker
Azeena Raeburn - Breastfeeding Support Worker

You can come and see a Health Visitor at the following Health Visitor lead clinics:

Monday 1.45 pm - 15.00 pm at The Leys Health Centre
Tuesdays 11.00 am -12.00 pm Healthy Child Clinic at the Leys
                  Children's Centre, Cuddesdon Corner
Thursday - 11.00 am - 12.45 pm at The Leys Health Centre

The Health Visitors provide a health promotion information stall the last Tuesday of every month 12.30 pm - 13.30 pm

The Leys Health Visiting Team
Telephone: 01865 788688
Email: oxfordhealth.LeyHVteam@nhs.net

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return to top Maternity Outreach Worker

Camille Kalaja- Maternity Outreach Worker
I work every day until 2.00 pm and I provide antenatal and postnatal support.
On Wednesdays I support all families who have chosen to breastfeed their infant at the Breastfeeding Cafe.
I also deliver an Infant Feeding Talk once a month, please phone if you want to attend the session.
I co-run the Baby Massage group which is held in the Leys' Health Centre.
If you have just given birth and breastfeeding, I can support you through the early days, just call me.

If you want to discuss anything regarding your pregnancy or your baby or want some more information about the activities I run call me on 01865 773263 or 07920084505

To send a note to Camille Kalaja please click here
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Teresa Fieldwick, Debbie Scrivener- Outreach Workers
We are outreach workers based at Orchard Meadow (OM )School. We visit families at home or at other locations and work on goals set by the individual families. We work closely with families, helping to build confidence. We can help with information, parenting support, debt or housing problems, job centre plus information, help with childcare and more!

ANYONE can make a referral to the outreach team- phone  779615 to ask for a referral form.

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return to top Oxpip

Linda Manning- Oxpip Counselling And Consultation
Linda Manning - Oxpip

click here for Oxpip website 

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Helen Stroudley- Peep (Parents Early Education Partnership)
We've been working with families in the Leys ever since Peep started in 1995. We are based at the Peep Centre in the grounds of the Oxford academy. We enjoy working with the Leys Children's Centre to offer Peep groups (for babies or toddlers and their parents/carers), home visits for all newborn babies and drop-in sessions.
Our local Peep staff include Helen Stroudley, Lindsey Hart, Christine Steer, Nuzhat Abbas, Helen Griffiths, Josephine Hammick, Alison Laing, Sue Prosser and Paula Stallard.

If you'd like to ofind out more please contact Helen or Lindsey on 01865 397971 or 395145.
Email helen.stroudley@peep.org.uk or

Visit our website www.peep.org.uk

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